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FWR Episode 014: Margaret Chmiel | First Wall Rebate

FWR Episode 014: Margaret Chmiel

Margaret Chmiel, Director of Digital Media at National Geographic,  joins us for Episode 014 and a conversation about educational games. Marjee has been involved with the JASON Project, and we center our conversation on their excellent (and free!) game, Operation: Resilient Planet (you will need to make an account). We talk about the dynamics of working with non-profit as compared to for-profit organizations, possibilities for educational games as commercial releases, and Marjee’s prediction that everyone receives free giant robots within the next 3 years. Thanks for listening.

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  • David Carlton Says:

    Your guest has excellent taste in DS games! It might have been interesting if you’d thrown Endless Ocean into the discussion – have any of you played that?

    The game sounds interesting; I bet my daughter or I would enjoy it. Though I’m not too impressed by a web site that wants my mailing address just to let me download something. :-(

  • shane Says:

    I have never played Endless Ocean — I traded my Wii for a hacked original XBox at the beginning of last year. ;)

    It’s unfortunate that Operation: Resilient Planet is behind a registration gate, but of all the organizations to give your address out to, National Geographic is probably one I would feel the most comfortable with. If you decide to take the plunge, make sure to let us know what you and your daughter think of the game. As you may have been able to tell from the episode, we’re all pretty big fans. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  • Marjee Chmiel Says:

    Hey Folks-I know these are really old posts but I wanted to address David’s very reasonable complaint about the mailing address requirement. The game will be available without all of the registration requirements by early September 2009. We are slowly stripping everything from behind the wall, which I am delighted about.
    Many thanks to David for listening and Shane for allowing me to join in.

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