FWR Episode 00

This is Episode 00 of the First Wall Rebate Podcast. Here are some of the things we talked about:

Sloppy energy drink analysis on Giant Bombcast.

Brilliance of the Game Theory podcast.

McKenzie Wark’s A Hacker Manifesto and Gamer Theory.

Heather Chaplin’s excellent article on Grand Theft Auto IV at NPR.

Our theme song, the title of which Shane horribly mispronounces, is Sitges Savepoint by Random. The music used to transition toward the end of the show: Ballistic Panic by Nullsleep. Both are available via the Creative Commons directory at 8bitpeoples.com.

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  • netwurker.mez Says:

    hi guys!

    great 2 get acquainted with this proj.

    listening 2 _00_ atm + have a few comments:
    1) too true about the _chumminess_ of gamer-oriented podcasts + inbred pre-templated perspectives that dribble critiquer structures.

    2) ur point re: conversations spawning around the cultural value of games is happening IMO, but not thru established/projective/academic channels. it’s essentially a reverse ordering structure with a discourse tier operating beyond the usual concrete validation routes. personally i’m happy about that;)

    3) i have 2 disagree with ur [shane i think?] idea of rrs/internet info streams being distilled, consumed then essentially amnesically spat-out b4 the next major release/meme/datashot..i see it more as a patterned structured that stands as a method of theoretical absorbtion in its own right, a shifting tapestery of swarm-like gamer attention [tie-in 2 ur speed-metal ref]…kinda similar 2 my concept of the versional:

    4) re: san andreas + GTA4 diffs [shock-rocking/gender weighting/appropriate shifts in narrative content = value of narrative quality increasing] – am surprised u benchmark game narratives via traditional story/plot construction/conventions. shouldn’t we b emphasising how narrative is *deconstructed*/enhanced via a fragmented attentional paradigm rather than a linear beginning/middle/end + adequate characterisation perspective?

    anyhoo just a few thoughts. keep the good stuff flowing.


  • shanehinton Says:

    wow… thanks for the superb feedback.

    i think you certainly have some valid points here, and maybe i am too quick to dismiss aspects of internet culture (the rss cycle in particular) without fully appreciating their unique value. also, your point about narrative is well taken. i would like to spend more time dissecting the non-traditional narrative properties of gaming, but at the same time it’s hard to ignore the traditional narratives that accompany them. i will keep your comments in mind when we record the next episode.

    thanks again for the feedback… your opinions are well articulated and interesting.

    as a side note, i love your blog.


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