FWR Episode 002

In the first of two episodes this week we present an industrial-strength Epsiode 002 looking at gender issues and Objectivist philosophy in BioShock. Along the way we also discuss:

Netwurker Mez and Abby B.’s thought-provoking feedback, and the FWR Book Club.

Confusing stereotypes and relationships in Grand Theft Auto IV (see Daniel Floyd’s Video Games and Sex).

Another round of podcast reviews: Cheapy D complains on the CAGCast about their stagnant 11,000 member listenership and some interesting analysis of the new Indiana Jones flick by the 1up Yours crew.

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  • M-26-7 Says:

    It’s unfourtunate that you’ve become too fucking stuck-up to realize goddamn satire when you see it. Guess you’ve never played a GTA before IV.

  • shanehinton Says:

    Hello commenter…

    First and foremost, thanks for taking the time to listen to the episode and leave a comment. I think you may be misled, however, in what you interpret as our reactions to the game. Trevor and I have both completed the story mode in GTA IV, and I personally have played every entry in the GTA series aside from Liberty City Stories.

    I don’t think that it is “stuck-up” to point out that the use of harmful stereotypes counteracts what I feel are important social and political messages in other portions of the narrative. Primarily, we are both troubled by cheap jokes made at the expense of the homosexual friend character, Bernie. If that portion of the narrative is satire, I don’t think that it is identified as such clearly enough to make it effective. My interpretation, therefore, is to assume that the joke stands on its own and the developers are merely catering to the lowest common denominator. I recognize the value of satire, however I’m not sure that creating a character based entirely on the previously mentioned stereotypes constitutes a meaningful criticism of those stereotypes. I think that many things get a pass in our culture by claiming to be satire without actually providing it.

    Thank you as well for not giving in to the internet temptation to comment anonymously. The point of this podcast is to have a conversation, so thanks for joining in. I do wonder, though, if your anger is warranted and appropriate. Why is it that a difference of opinion causes you to assault us with personal attacks such as the charge that we’ve “become too fucking stuck-up”? We both thoroughly enjoyed the game, however we feel compelled to speak out regarding things in the narrative that trouble us.

    If your interest lies with GTA IV, keep an eye out for our upcoming episode in which we talk about nothing but that title.

  • trevor Says:


    Actually take a listen to the podcast first before you go adhominem, k?

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